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La Mancha Windmills by tori La Mancha Windmills by tori
This painting is my masterpiece painting for the art class im taking at my school. This is a photo of it, so its not very clear. Im very proud of it for many reasons. One becuase im Spanish and second because this is my first of soon to be many oil paintings. Please comment!!
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ddrkonamix655 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2005
its very beautiful.. you did a great job..
i would like to request something of you.. you must have had reference photos when painting this, right? i need to do a painting for the spanish room at my school, and i thought la mancha would be a great place to paint.. the only problem is, i cant find very good photos of it.. i would be very greatful if you could share 1 or 2 of yours with me.. get back to me soon, thankyou!
Uhrwerk-Requiem Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2004
i love the feeling in this one. the sunlight feels so real.
ni9elives Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2002
very nice work
shoobydoowap Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2002
Ay, ĄDios Mio! That's BEAUTIFUL! Awesome job!
palee Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2002
I love this....
Especialy the chunk of windMill from the top....

How you say in your country? KICK and ASS?

the pale e

iko-popsicle Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2002
oh this is so cool, i love your usage of brilliant colors, awesome indeed =) (Smile)
minix Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2002   Digital Artist
Masterpiece indeed! I love the colors and composition. This is just beautiful.
breid Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2002  Professional Artist
Love it. Fantastic colors in such an even balance. The whole thing is so breezy and cool. Love the way you've handled the sky and ground.

Sheez. 15? Amazing.

matic Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2002  Professional Filmographer
It's wonderful, warm and cool colors working well together, good composition. I've never worked in oils, and this makes me want to :) (Smile)

monti Featured By Owner May 30, 2002
verrry nice...nice colors :D (Big Grin)
aidyen Featured By Owner May 29, 2002   Photographer
it's very beautiful... the composition is breathtaking and i love the shadow of the vanes on the right
~~ Markus Nixon
scorpio1 Featured By Owner May 27, 2002
Great... keep it up.
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osiris679 Featured By Owner May 23, 2002
wow, the colors are brilliant, the shadows give great depth and perception to the piece, and i love the windmill in the front! this is a beautiful masterpiece, though i wish it was clearer =( (Sad)

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brokenhalo Featured By Owner May 23, 2002
Something about the colors in this painting really draw me in - the contrast of that deep blue and the lightness of the yellows... mesmerizing. I also really love the perspective. Just beautiful!
parl-sky Featured By Owner May 20, 2002
wonderful depth and atmosphere
kbrady Featured By Owner May 16, 2002
I think that this is a very AWESOME painting! I have a hard time doing ink drawings, lol! That looks very realistic, even with the "blurring". Keep it up!

yazman Featured By Owner May 16, 2002
nice painting... good color...

i like dinosaurs...
gunther- Featured By Owner May 12, 2002
Nice style you've got going here. The foreground and background blend together so well to make an all around neat scene. Keep it up.
snowmask Featured By Owner May 11, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
eeeek!! it's dat picture you sent me!! ;o
you actually managed to paint it!! I thought it was just the pic... didn't realize that THIS is the painting!! oh god please slap me! :P (Razz)
the lighting and shadings and everything is just completely breathtaking...
it's very realistic with a slight touch of impressionism ~ which me digs! Heart
I just love how you've captured the golden hue on the windmills.... and the sky slowly giving in to darkness... with the horizon set ablaze with gorgeous colours Flame
you've even captured the texture of the wood! you=amazing girl!
+favvie+ oh yea babe!
Snowflake SnOwMaSk Snowflake
. . . close enough for me . . .

freethan Featured By Owner May 10, 2002
Cool piece of art :) (Smile)
Cheers, and keep up the painting. Really like it
tat2doc Featured By Owner May 10, 2002
You have much to be proud of!
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May 10, 2002
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